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International Franchise Application

Your application form has been submitted successfully. You should receive a confirmation notice in your email. You will now be directed back to the main Papa John's Franchise Opportunities site.

The following information is requested to assist us in evaluating your qualifications as a potential franchisee or licensee of Papa John's International, Inc. ("Papa John's" or "us"). A copy of this Questionnaire must be submitted for each person who you contemplate would own an interest in the franchise, if a franchise is granted.

Signing and submitting this questionnaire is only a starting point in our respective analysis as to whether we should enter into a franchise relationship. Consequently, your submission of this questionnaire is for information purposes only. This questionnaire is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy a franchise. No sale will occur prior to the execution of a Development Agreement or Master Franchise Agreement and the payment of all required fees by you. Neither our acceptance of this questionnaire nor any discussions resulting therefrom, constitute any commitment on our part to enter into any agreement to sell a territory or a franchise. However, the information below is necessary to begin the franchise application process and Papa John’s cannot proceed further in the franchise application process without this information and other information we may request at a later date.

Contact Information

Countries and Cities of interest in order of preference and number of potential outlets you think can be opened in each

I understand that Papa John’s may use this personal information to run a background check or determine my eligibility to become a Papa John’s franchisee, may request further information for this purpose, and that this is necessary to begin the franchise application process.